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WANTED: Museum/Galleries/Cultural Centres/Festivals keen to host “Rainbow Dreaming”, a photo-documentary on the sustainability movement in Australia and it’s global significance in a world on the brink of change!

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“Rainbow Dreaming: Tales from the Age of Aquarius”

Rainbow Dreaming” is a multi-media photo-documentary exhibition that explores the growth and development of the alternative movement in the ‘rainbow region’ of Australia, centred around the towns of Nimbin and Byron Bay in north-eastern New South Wales.

This photo-documentary maps out the cultural and spiritual legacy of the movement and the ideas and institutions it gave birth to, including: recognition of the resurgence of traditional Aboriginal culture; living in community in harmony with the land; environmental activism; appropriate technology; holistic health; and the synthesis of science, art and philosophy. A sample of the exhibit can be seen at

This site offers a taste of a multi-media exhibition that comprises the work of over one hundred photographers, filmmakers, writers, poets, children and cultural visionaries.

This vision, first articulated as a cultural phenomenon in the sixties, has an even greater relevance to our world today. “Rainbow Dreaming” explores the evolution of a culture committed to peace and sustainable living in a world on the brink of change.

This exhibit was invited to participate in the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock celebrations in the US in 2009, as part of a cultural exchange from the ‘rainbow region’. The exhibit featured at:

1. Ecofest, the largest environmental festival on the east coast of the US, held in Central Park, New York, on 5th Oct.

2. New York’s 13th Harvestfest & Freedom Rally, Hancock, 9th – 11th Oct.

3. Woodstock Museum, Saugerties, NY, 16th – 17th Oct.

4. West Fest: Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, 25th Oct.

The exhibit comprises:

1. 64 exhibition panels, size A1. The exhibit is weather resistant and can be set up in diverse spaces, indoors and outdoors.

2. A video archive, a music CD and a book.


Due to Australia’s special relationship with Japan, we are working on touring this exhibit to Japan – with text in Japanese – in 2011.

We would love to tour this exhibit to other countries  internationally in 2012.

2012 marks a year of prophesied millennial change and Rainbow Dreaming paints a colourful mosaic of a culture that embraces this future with open arms.

Please direct your expressions of interest to:

Harsha Prabhu/Co-curator

“Rainbow Dreaming”

This project is auspiced by Byron Community & Cultural Centre ( & assisted by Lismore Regional Gallery (